Accredited buyer representative in Riviera Maya

I am an experienced local agent who can help make finding a home, submitting offers, negotiating favorable terms, walking you through the purchase process adaptable to Mexico and Riviera Maya’s tax and dues liability, and getting to the closing table a smoother experience, am thoroughly certified and licensed, AMPI-MEXICO, in the USA as ABR® (accredited buyer representative) and extension abroad C.I.P.S (Certified International Property Specialist) helping with even the smallest detail, and most convenient investment for you.

Good to know. Locally, agents should carry out ongoing continued education and keep credentials up-to-date to serve safety to every buyer-client under Quintana Roo’s real estate law. I meet this in-house, and abroad education and credentials to pinpoint real estate market traits to assist in clear and convinced investment decisions, out of fear, and dismissing wrong information given by others because we serve, don’t sell with true passion and love to this paradise Riviera Maya is.

I get in your shoes when the time comes, that you are new in a country that is not your first language, and many things you, your family, and your friends don’t understand. Don’t get overweight and full with much inaccurate information. Work with using technology and the latest trends, and serving to get down to business, lesser risk and more returns, and like any other business/investment assets thorough and protected. As a newcomer, many years ago in the USA and Canada where Lived many years and met my adorable husband, I remember and went down in my heart how important is to meet and have the right direction and assistance in what you want and dream of. 

I do and work for you.

  • Understand your needs and wants to better represent your interests. To hear you, and hear you to understand your lifestyle.
  • Locate qualified properties. Properties that give happiness from start to end. 
  • Determine your budget. We have a robust inventory and options to find what you want and like under your price range.
  • View properties. To see properties or in-construction locations NOT all, those that meet your needs and wants, and have previous due diligence all documentation in place to take up this next level.
  • Formulate an offer. Part of the purchase process is to seal this real estate transaction deal and move to what is next.
  • Strategize your negotiation. I know the market, was raised and educated in Mexico know the terms to speak with my compatriots on simple personal, and professional levels. 
  • Help overcome setbacks. Don’t worry, I take up where you stopped to find or continue your real estate process.
  • Recommend other professionals. Not all but those knowledgeable about the real estate market to keep hitting the ground running. 

(inspectors, attorneys, closing lawyers, lenders, NOTARY.)

  • Manage every detail through closing and beyond. Buying a property and selling later without delay, and paying much taxes.

I hear you, let me help you!

We can find you any property!