Lot for sale in Yucatan, Ciudad Colorin ,Lot. 155

Merida (MRLYU011) - For Sale

$75,013.00 USD

Sale in mxn $1,267,730

ARANCIONE DISTRICT is a real estate center that invests in and develops projects in the Yucatan Peninsula, highlighting value-added assurance and environmental balance. With over 20 years of experience, they have sold more than 11,000 lots and have a community of 7,000 investors. Additionally, they focus on providing legal certainty, with all necessary permits. They emphasize land investment as a non-depreciating option and offer long-term financing for lot acquisition. They promote Yucatan as a safe and growing place, with Merida being the safest city in Latin America, making it an attractive location for future investments.

ARANCIONE DISTRICT offers 129 lots of 3,229.17 square feet each, at a price of USD $23.23 per square foot, with a reservation system of USD $250. Additionally, they provide a financing plan with a 30% down payment and delivery of deeds over 10 years, with financing of up to 120 months interest-free. They highlight an outdoor lifestyle and extreme sports focus to attract potential buyers. Contact information is available on their website and social media.

In summary, ARANCIONE DISTRICT presents itself as a real estate HUB with a focus on sustainable development in the Yucatan Peninsula, offering lots with guaranteed value and long-term financing. They highlight security and quality of life in Yucatan as reasons to invest in the region.

It is advisable to invest in lands with Grupo Colorines in the Yucatan Peninsula because land is an investment product that does not depreciate over time. The areas where Grupo Colorines develops lands are projected to grow in the medium and long term, making them an accessible investment option and undoubtedly the best option with the highest returns in the market. Additionally, Yucatan is the safest state in Mexico, with Merida being the safest city in Latin America and the second safest in the American continent. The region is constantly growing, and many investors consider it the ideal place to plan for the future. Grupo Colorines has over 20 years of experience and has sold more than 11,000 lots, creating a community of over 7,000 investors, providing support and certainty to each of its clients. Furthermore, the company offers legal certainty by having all permits for developments, and the projects are on private property, outside the estuaries, with all documents available.

Yucatan is attractive for real estate investment due to its security, steady growth, and quality of life. According to SEDENA, Yucatan is the safest state in Mexico, and Merida is the safest city in Latin America and the second safest in the American continent. Additionally, Yucatan ranks first in quality of life among 305 cities, according to the UN. These factors make Yucatan an ideal place to plan for the future and attract many investors seeking real estate investment opportunities.

**Ciudad Colorin Amenities**

– Ciclovía and trails

– Scenarios

– Illuminated gallery

– Eco library

– Elevated garden

– Skate park

– Calisthenics yard

– Parkour park

– Pet park

– Playground area

– Outdoor cinema

– Children’s games

– Paddle tennis courts

– Tennis courts

– Volleyball courts

– Multi-purpose courts

– Soccer fields

**Club house**

– Urban bar

– Common areas

– Artificial lake

– Floating dining room

– Sports complex

– Gym

– Semi-Olympic swimming pool

– **Disclaimer: Property pricing may be subject to changes without prior notice. Verify the current price for accuracy. Prices may vary according to the exchange rate.***

Type: Lot / Land Style: Single Story Lot size: 3229 Sq. Ft. Lot Type: Unspecified Garage: N/A Type: N/A Construction Level: Fully Built MLS: MRLYU011

Exterior Features

  • Deck
  • Garden Area
  • Patio

Mary D. Serrano

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